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Just Property Midstream is a dynamic company and well know within Midstream Estate.

Clients can select an array of services - from rental management to property evaluations, as well as, sales.

Operating, with strategic partnerships, from over 200 franchises across South Africa and Namibia, Just Property Midstream have access to world class systems and unparalleled online information.

We strive to excel in our core business and exceed our customers’ expectations by committing to shared corporate values and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with a strong emphasis on the creation of value.

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Midstream consist of a number of different Estates, namely;
*Midstream Estate
*Midfield Estate
*Midlands Estate
*Midstream Hill
*Midstream Ridge
*Midstream Heights
*Midstream Meadows

The whole concept of Midstream Estate is centered on security as its top priority. Surrounded by a double security wall, electrified palisade and razor wire with a electrified brick wall which is patrolled by guards hours a day. All entrance gates has biometric fingerprint readers. A helicopter patrol the terrain on regular basis and Retire units has panic buttons installed.

Midstream Estate consist of the following facilities to make this your dream area to reside in;
* Day Care Clinics
* Frail Care facilities
* Mediclinic Hospital
* Indoor & Outdoor pools
* Baby houses
* Primary Schools
* High Schools
* Churches
* Sasol Garages
* Three Shopping Centers
* Golf coarse
* Fitness Center
* Restaurants and shops
* Office Blocks
* Wild Life
* Self Storage facilities

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Call Branch012 940 9277

Shop 10, Midlands Office Park, Midstream Estate, Gauteng, 1692

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